Chainbit is working on a number of its own projects. We believe that it is more interesting to talk about the latest ones:

Search engine and information portal for real estate

At the moment we are preparing to launch a major project in the field of real estate — the largest search engine and information portal in Russia that consists of several modules, including online resources, specialized tools for realtors and mobile applications. We focus on the best western examples that simply don’t have analogues in the Russian internet, and we have already started to publish the first materials for the project.

Up to date information about new buildings: My new home

We are creating a web portal for newly built housing — first in Moscow and the Moscow region, and then in the whole Russia — which solves a number of existing issues. Relevance and completeness of information about new buildings and apartments that are sold in them, no duplicate listings, the most preferred channels of communication with developers, a complete ban on advertising banners — you can read about these and other unique benefits of our future resource in more detail in its online presentation.

Apartment for sale: Kvartblog

In Kvartblog we write about the most interesting Moscow apartments and projects that are put up for sale at the time of publication. We make professional photos of these objects, we interview their owners and publish articles that, firstly, are interesting and enjoyable to read, and, secondly, are advantageous to use as supplementary material to the listing. The first articles of Kvartblog are already in the public domain.

Mobile Applications

Today Chainbit is developing several applications for mobile devices, including the 3d-space planner, the mobile version of the portal My new home and the game Memorina.

Memorina: Game for iOS

Memorina is a very beautiful game, designed on the basis of the classic Memory. We have done everything possible for the users to get the maximum aesthetic pleasure from the process, and have taken care of the indie-music soundtrack, fantastic illustrations and smooth animation. Also we have not left untouched the mechanics of the game: the inclusion of one or more of the complications can change an ordinary and rather predictable party beyond recognition.

Memorina will appear in the Russian App Store in July. The game release is also planned in the U.S., Europe, Japan and China.

WordPress themes creation

We create comfortable and easy customizable themes that have broad functionality and are adapted for mobile devices. We are going to release the themes to the existing marketplaces, and as more themes are created, we also plan to use our own sites for their realisation.

Sketch investment fund

Sketch is the first Russian multi-seed fund, whose main strategy is to invest in a large number of projects in the early stages of their development. The fund is interested in projects in the field of software development, mobile Internet, e-commerce, as well as media, telecommunications and other related sectors. The Sketch is a complete cycle infrastructure project, and will provide integrated support to the teams that get in the fund.

You can learn about the Sketch either on the official website of the fund, or by using the online booklet.