Tablets were this big when we started.

Our mindset is an enlistment of principles we follow while carrying out our day-to-day business activities and building suitable working environment for our team. We firmly believe that the implementation of bold, innovative ideas is easier and more efficient provided everyone involved are like-minded people who tackle tasks within creative and supportive atmosphere, which is why we made a point not to meddle with the working process of our team members and the way that they develop solutions to various problems. We encourage creativeness and open-mindedness as broadly as our business context allows it.

Our mindset is also the goals that we’re trying to achieve. We are convinced that information technologies sweepingly became one the most interpenetrative industries of our time, which makes massive, significant impact on events of a world scale (here’s a nice graph to illustrate our point of view). To take part in this industry means to be able to lay accounts with major payoffs in vastly different areas of our daily lives, and as our efforts ultimately boil down to trying to make the world a better place, whether for ourselves or the others around us, we have spent little time on deciding where to apply our efforts.