Every time you come up with an idea.

Share your ideas with us, and you’re likely to find a partner for bringing them to life.

The amount of projects currently developed by Chainbit has grown up to three in less than 6 months. But there’s no way we’re satisfied with that number, so we’re looking for more interesting and innovative ideas in IT-sphere as we are set on doubling the size of our pool of projects by the end of this year.

We’ll make sure to provide every condition for you to feel safe about sharing your ideas with us. Soon this section will be updated with a number of downloadable legal documents which will have to be signed before our conversation even takes place. Once you have a read, you’ll understand that these documents have been put together fully in your favor.

On an important side note: apparently, if you’re reading this section in English, chances are you’re based outside Moscow, or even Russia. Not to worry: if you’re interested in cooperation, send us a message and we’ll definitely find a solution.