This is a really old postcard which features the historically (no more no less!) significant facade of our current office.

It has wide range of advantages – it’s A+ and it’s located in the very heart of Moscow within brilliantly reconstructed mansion, which is easily accessible from both the city center (down the Neglinnaya Street) and the Boulevard Ring. Furthermore, Kuznetsky Most and Okhotniy Ryad subway stations are in 5-minute walking distance.

Nevertheless, our company is growing and propagating creative atmosphere within the classic entourage of Neglinnaya is becoming increasingly difficult. Which is why we plan to move to a new office until the end of this year.

And this is how we visualize the concept of our new office.

Even though we have only begun our search, we’re already sure what we’re looking for: A-quality open-space loft offices located in the center of Moscow, within the radius of the Garden Ring. For us, carefully planned accessibility and infrastructure are of top priority.

If you have matching offers, contact us.