It’s nice to have worthy revenues for the job that you do. It’s twice as nice if you do it in the field of your interest and in comfortable environment. And even though we can’t make you fall in love with software development (some theories suggest people are born with it), we can put all the other checks in boxes and provide you with everything you potential needs to fully come alive.

We offer our employees competitive and completely officially reported salary with all insurance contributions charged.

Our management is ready and willing to delegate both responsibility and authority; taking into consideration that our company is still  in its early stages of development, should you join us now you have all the chances of becoming the manager of your line of work in quite the near future.

We provide out employees with an option to individually outline their office hours, as we believe that in our field such measures make working process much more productive.

It’s also up to our employees to choose their own hardware – we believe it is only fair.

Implementation of these principles helps us as much as it helps people who come to join our team. We all struggle for the same goal: having fun of working with a team of young, open-minded professionals who are ready to solve even the most complex problems…

… while not wearing ties.