We support our colleagues!

We do understand – learning from experience – the importance of having a possibility to share your idea, especially in its very early stages, to people and companies capable of bringing it to life. We would like more of these ideas to mature and come to a realization than currently do, which is why Chainbit offers gratuitous – no strings attached – financial support to young (and, well, slightly older than that) internet-startupers from Russia. Should you manage to persuade us in the consistency of your endeavor, but still find no reason to cooperate with us, we are ready and willing to extensively cover the costs of your attendance of a relevant conference in Russia or abroad.

Contact us if you wish to participate in this program.

We care for the environment.

Despite the fact that we advocate technical progress in all of its manifestations (which is quite obvious, given the industry we’re working in), we understand that, should the mankind rush forward without looking back on the environment, its not going to run for long. This is why Chainbit arranges its activities so as to minimize the harm done. We’re not going to take part in public green demonstrations (though more enthusiastic members of our team are certainly free to do so), but we have almost completely eliminated paper workflow and turned to energy-saving hardware and expendable materials. This is, of course, far from everything that we could do, which is why we firmly intend to continue being committed to environmental responsibility and extend this list as our business grows further.