The launch of Kvartblog

We have good news: we launched Kvartblog — a blog about real estate for sale in Moscow.

We are looking for the most interesting apartments that are sold in Moscow, make high-quality photos, learn all about the features of the objects from their owners and share this information with our readers. We write about very different apartments, the most important thing is that they would have something unusual: a beautiful interior and the design, location and layout, interesting history. The apartments need to have something that we cann tell about and that we can show.

We invite you to read the first posts on Kvartblog — we have already visited four places. Among them are two complexes with loft apartments, an old mansion and an apartment, located in the tower of the stalinist skyscrapers. By the way, it is interesting to read thwew posts, even if you have no intention to buy any apartments. We promise that there will be many more interesting things!

We are open to cooperation, so if you want to tell us about your apartment for sale, please contact the manager of the project — Mikhail Zakatov via e-mail: or phone: +7 (495) 783-92-33.
Kvartblog is only the beginning of Chainbit’s projects in the sphere of real estate. Our main goal is to make the process of finding housing for sale understandable and convenient, freeing the user from the awkward interfaces and inaccurate information. Our team is actively working on the project My new home: you will be able to find the latest information on new buildings in Moscow and apartments, which are sold in them. You can learn more about our projects on the page of our site, dedicated to them.

As we promised, today we will introduce you to another indispensable member of Chainbit’s developers team.

Dmitry — JAVA-developer, backend specialist. He will implement the server side of our products.

As regular readers of our blog already know, every month we select the five most promising and interesting, in our view, Russian startups.

With a short delay, we publish a list of the best startups of April — we hope that the wait only fueled your interest!

Meet the five winners:


Internet-service for short-term rent of private apartments and houses in Russia and the CIS. Owners place the information about their housing on the site, and travellers choose a place where they want to go. The user can write to the owner of the property he liked and specify the details of the stay. If the owner and the client are both satisfied, after full confirmation the contacts are exchanged and the payment is made. A system of reviews and recommendations allows to estimate the owner or occupier. Flatora charges a fee from travellers at the rate of 7 to 12% of the declared value of the property.


Service that simplifies the process of paying taxes. The purpose of the project is to make sure that the user can correctly and in time report the income and pay taxes without overpaying too much. The system includes a web-based application for the preparation of tax documents and various tools for taxpayers — tax encyclopedia, calculator tax deductions, tax video school. Monetization of the service are advertising on the site and some fee-based services, for example, easy filling of tax returns form through the service.

Top Delivery

Delivery service to the regions of Russia for online retailers. Top Delivery gets the orders from the warehouses of the online stores, checks the address and time of delivery, performs the product packaging, shipping, waiting during the fitting of the product, and payment upon receipt. The advantage of the service is in the IT-solutions that allow customers to receive more information about orders. There is a possibility of on-line tracking of purchase for the buyer and for the store and a convenient system of financial reporting to online shops. Also, the client can edit the order even after the goods are transferred to the delivery.


Video filter that improves the accuracy of speech recognition software. A solution that the creators offer is parallel analysis of the audio and video stream, which significantly improves the quality of recognition of spoken text and its translation into written form. The creators are increasing the efficiency of existing solutions that transform voice into text by the correct fixation of the person’s speech, precise selection of the micro-pauses and rapid signal processing by parts. The project sells licenses for the use of the solution RealSpeaker PRO with additional features.


Service that reduces the time required for making a daily family menu  and the purchase of products. Users specify their preferences in food, feeding schedule, health and lifestyle specialties. On the basis of this information service provides a diet to the user, developed by chefs and nutritionists. Food is delivered to the home of the user at a convenient time. Suppliers of products are farms and companies engaged in the production of organic products. Users are charged for the purchase and delivery of products.


 Developers team

For a long time we did not introduce you to the key members of our team. But now the time has come! Meet the Chainbit’s developers:

 Our senior developer — Pavel, responsible for organizing the process and creating the code.

Michael — user interface developer. Specialist in frontend development that will implement the interfaces of our services.

Soon we will introduce you to another indispensable and talented developer!

Dmitry Demyankov, head of Chainbit’s product and engineering team, visited the famous conference Techcrunch Disrupt held in New York from April 27 to May 1. He shared his experience and spoke about the latest trends in the startup sector.

«Techcrunch Disrupt is a leading technology conference, where startups seeking funding meet with the most promising and serious investors. Performances on the main stage were mainly of two types: interviews with well-known directors of investment funds and speeches of increasingly popular technology startups (like Foursquare and Mailbox). There were also discussed the prospects of certain areas in the field of Internet technologies. Most interesting for me were ads (you can watch a great presentation Ads: Your Eyeballs Are Money) and cash transactions (Show Me the [Digital] Money).

Each investor specialises in his own niche, but there are several areas which were the most popular at the conference. The first one is 3d-printing and various ways of its wider application and adaptation. By the way, a lot of hardware startups brought prototypes of their products printed on a 3d-printer. The second trend is the development of technologies of payments between Internet users, such as digital currencies (like BitCoin). They can make a revolution in the field of Internet payments: the transaction takes place directly between the two parties concerned, without the involvement of intermediaries — banks. Performances of Buzzfeed and Rap Genius were the most memorable — the guys from Rap Genius were weird, but stood out among the others.

Among the interesting startups, of course, I should mention all the finalists of the Startup Battlefield: HealthyOut (you can watch their speech), Enigma (speech), Glide (speech), Zenefits (speech), Supply Shift (speech), HAN:DLE (speech), Floored (speech). These startups are from very different fields, but all of them are interesting. The winner was the Enigma project — an analytical tool for linking and structuring publicly available data on the Internet (government spending, the financial statements of companies, statistics and so on).

Presentations of these startups happened on the main stage (on the 7th floor Manhattan Center), on the first floor was an exhibition of smaller startups from many different areas. Here are some of them: BlackTagEPaisaGuitarBotsI Know the ChefMavatarParkTagPlandreeSimpleNight.

All video materials from the conference are available on the site of Techcrunch Disrupt.”

Some photos from the conference:

Photo by TechCrunch

Photo by TechCrunch

Photo by TechCrunch

 Apps4All forum

On 5th of April the III International Forum of mobile developers Apps4All was held in Moscow. It is one of the major events on the mobile content market in Russia. Ilya Lebedev, director of development of Chainbit, visited the forum and shared his impressions:

“There were a lot of people at the forum — the Digital October center could hardly hold all the visitors. As usual, the main events took place in several halls, and it was quite difficult to choose which one of the speakers to listen to.

At the opening ceremony the minister of communications of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov spoke. He noted that the ministry is interested in the support of small IT-businesses. In particular, the bar for companies’ participation in the program of benefits for social payments should be lowered: the minimum number of employees in the company to participate in the program is now 30, the minister considers that it should be reduced to 7.

Bernd Schulze, a spokesman of Qualcomm, spoke about the latest achievements in the design of processors for mobile devices, and showed what new features their platform provides. Augmented reality is a new trend in the field of entertainment and information applications due to improved technical components of mobile devices.

Most global and interesting topics were discussed in the main hall after lunch, such as what to do before and after the application appears in the App Store, how to promote the application, how to get into the top-list and remain in it. Speakers from ABBYY, Articul Media, Appfly,  LinguaLeo, Narr8 and other companies spoke about their own successes and failures in this area. Their experience has been very informative and interesting.

In other halls equally important and interesting topics were discussed: the protection and control of the spread of applications and content, advertising and analytics platforms for mobile applications. There also were startups pitch-sessions.

Overall, the forum was marked by interesting and fruitful exchange of information. Developers, hardware manufacturers, startups, investors — they all received an information charge and are ready to bring the market of mobile development to a new level. “

Some photos from the forum:


 New addition to our team

Meet our new employee — Anastasia, investment analyst.

Anastasia will be engaged in the support of our diversified investment projects.

We continue to tell you about the most interesting Russian startups. Each month we select the top five — and it’s time to publish the best startups of March!

Here they are:

1. Smartmarket

Croud investing platform. Here startups can attract investment in the early stages, and investors can invest in interesting ideas. Startup has to put online the presentation of the project, indicating the required amount of money, and if there are enough investors interested in it — the project gets started. Investors (anyone who invests 30 thousand rubles can become one) get a real share in the project. Service charges a fee of up to 10% of each project.

2. Surfingbird

Web-page recommendation service. User logs on to the site and indicates his interests, and then the surfing for content starts. Service offers pages that are of interest to the user and which can be evaluated (like or dislike) for a more accurate description of his preferences. Owners plan to monetize the service by selling the show of the pages to the targeted audience.

3. Flocktory

Service for online shops, which allows you to create strategies to increase sales and customer loyalty. Here is the principle of operation of the service: after the purchase from an online store a person shares information about the store on social networks, and if one of his or her friends makes a purchase, they both get preset bonuses. Shops can form a variety of rewards and see which are more effective. Service is available in several tariff plans.

4. Easyfinance

Personal finances management system. You can use it to control the income and expenses, to determine financial goals, plan the family budget and generate financial reports. Service has been around for several years, it is developing actively and has a large user base — more than 78 thousand people. The system is available for a fee, you can buy a premium account.

5. DaOffice

Platform for the creation of enterprise social networks. Using social networks, employees can communicate and discuss ideas, find contacts of their colleagues, coordinate various project teams, share documents and edit them collectively in real time. There is an option of instant search through the network. Monetization of the project is direct sales and service maintenance.

One of the projects of Chainbit, which we have already announced in this blog, is the creation of a game for iOS. We are using the “Memory” game as a basis and we are going to enliven it with beautiful and unusual sets of thematic cards.

We are pleased to announce that our work is moving forward and the idea becomes a reality: the new sets of pictures are ready, and the development is in full swing thanks to designers and programmers.

“It’s great to see how many components — our ideas, developments of the designers, images made by our art director Veronica — are joined together, — says Ilya, business operations and development. — All the various elements make a really great game — you will be able to see it soon!”

If you can’t wait to see what kind of game it will be, you have a chance to become one of its first users: for the most curious, we have created a site dedicated to the game. There you can see screenshots and leave your e-mail — we will notify you when the game is out. Also you can see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left until the release, and you can look at how the time flows (or rather — drips).

There is not much time left — we hope you like it just as much as we do!

This week we continue publishing links to interesting and useful articles for startupers. We recommend for reading an article How to find a technical cofounder, published on the Forbes site. The author is Stella Fayman, cofounder of the FeeFighters and an active organizer of  startup events.

As usual, you can read the translation on the Russian version of our site.

If you are interested in this theme, you may also want to read another post of ours on how to be a startuper with no technical knowledge.